Zombie Bridge Run 5K 2013


Name: Joshua Waytovich

Event Name: Zombie Bridge Run 5k

Event Details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag, etc.):

Parking was fairly easy. Checking in was no problem. However in the race email we were told we had to wear our bib in front. After checking in, we were told they were not giving out bibs because they didn’t have safety pins and there was no need for them because it was not timed. I still asked for mine since I collect them. I was told they would see if they could mail them to us. I did not see any close bathrooms. The shirts they gave were actually nice long sleeve but they ran out of XL and XXL.
Race Details (length, obstacles, difficulty, etc.):

The terrain of the race was nice. Up and down hill, gravel, paved, grass, horse track.  The obstacles were not that great. A log walk, army crawl under a net, up and under picnic tables, a stair run with a weight bag(5 lbs at most) and a grocery cart push uphill. The length of the race was to be 5k. I don’t think it was that far. There were plenty of zombies though to chase and pull flags.

Rating: 3 Stars (Average)

What would make this race better?: A little bit more organization of obstacles and check in. It was fun because I ran with family and friends. Problem was it was advertised better than it actually was.

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