Featured Corn Fed: Denise Kelly-Jones

Featured Corn Fed

By: Denise Kelly-Jones

What was your first OCR? Indiana Spartan Founders Race, 2012

What is your next OCR? Midwest Super, 2013

Tell us more about yourself, Denise.

At almost 50 I said, I need to change my ways if I expect to live to see my grandkids grow up.  I knew I kept gaining weight, but did not know how bad it was because my spring scales literally were 60 pounds difference from one second to the next.  So — I got a set of balance scales and WAS shocked!  I was almost 300 pounds — ARGH!!!! I had to do something, I knew what to do and was determined that I would change my ways and make my kids and grandkids proud.  I quit smoking, I started running (well, at first I couldn’t even run halfway down my driveway!), and started eating ALL THE TIME (my problem was starving myself and shutting down my metabolism). Walking, Running, and then getting Groupons to try out gyms and boot camps introduced me to the best and most effective boot camp instructor at IDBOOTCAMP.com — Todd would text me daily to tell me where to go and get my butt kicked and he allowed me to participate in as many classes as I wanted for the first month’s groupon.  He was surprised when I signed up for the next year (and currently approaching my 2 year anniversary).  Todd also introduced me to OCRs!  He challenged the entire Bootcamp team to join his team to race in the Spartan Race in Laurel Indiana in April of 2012.  Me… in a race… in the mud?????  My thoughts and emotions went from fear to determination and a form of empowerment; Todd, I can’t do that… Todd, I’m too old and too slow …Todd, I don’t want to slow the team down… Todd, well maybe… Todd, are you sure I can do it????   Todd, LET’S DO THIS THING!!!  For the first quarter of the race, I kept up with some of my team – then the log over the ravine scared me and I had to do burpees — I said to my team, go on, I’ll catch up …. but I NEVER did 😦 … However it didn’t matter, EVERYONE helped me and encouraged me and we laughed and cried together!  There were 4 large men who pulled me out of one of the mud pits I was in.  There was a gentleman that tried to flip me over one of the logs at the end of the race, but I was too tired to pull myself over – so he lay done on the dirt and told me to stand on his back — I said NO, I CAN’T DO THAT — he said yes you can — I DID and was able to jump over the log … then the last obstacle, two men threw me over the log and another man caught me on the other side.  I had the BIGGEST smile at the finish line — AND I WAS HOOKED! Two trifecta’s later, 100 pounds gone and an obsession to get healthier was contagious and my and I together began trail runs and OCRs (my grandson turned 14 on Indiana’s Sprint in 2013 and ran with us!) — and not to mention joining this great Corn Fed Family and team – I am glad to be alive and participating with all these athletes and showing everyone that if I can do it — ANYONE CAN!

Next time you see Denise on the obstacle course be sure to say hi! We would like to thank Denise for her time and for sharing a little piece of his story with the rest of us. Keep up the amazing work, Denise! We will see you again soon at the next race!

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