ABF Mud Run 2013 Review


Name: Marc Coop

Event Name: ABF Mudrun

Event Details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag, etc.):

For me personally   this race was my 2nd most difficult race i did this year. I did the ABF in july as well, this race was way better more organized and obstacles were better, and better spacing.

this race had parking offsite, at a local church plenty of parking from parking spots to grass….  and 2 buses in rotation. HOWEVER I never received any emails nor was it listed on the race website that address to the parking lot. luckily was able to follow another racer to the location, as they found out that info minutes earlier from and ABF staff member.

GNC was there giving out protein shake samples im both mixed form so we could taste. and plenty of sample supplements, and coupons.

OCR GEAR was there with a variety of products to purchase.

SNEAKY PETE’S was there with full bottle samples of their OAT based drinks in a few flavors. as i sample my drink, i see people walking around with 12 packs of these…. so i was able to grab a case in addition..

there was another company there with  some protein shakes and protein bars, i cant remember the name….. but they didnt taste good at all .

got a nice tshirt,  and a 2 side printed dog tag. at the end of the race they hand you a plastic bag with your shirt, finisher medal, some coupons, and you grab some water, and clif builder protein bars, and plenty of bananas and oranges.

Race Details (length, obstacles, difficulty, etc.):

This race had a 5k and 10k option… there was no way to tell if a runner was a 10k or 5k runner…… i only paid for the 5k, but did the 10k with my friend.

this course started with a leaning back wall… made of horizontal trees with 2-3 feet between logs

there was 3 carrying obstacles.
1- you carry a log of various size (i picked up the biggest available)   you walk about 1000 feet 1 direction turn around, and drop the log back where you got it
2-tire carry i picked the biggest tire up and up and down the hill 3 times up, 3 times down in different areas, and the drop off.
3- team work carry. pick up a telephone pole with  you 3+ friends 1000 feet out, and back.

there was 3 water crossing obstacles.
1- go aroung 1000 feet out, going under 6 or more suspended logs .
2- smaller lake crossing going under logs nd barrels again.
3-is the boggy mud with ankle-waist deep mud, or thin water to tread through. immediately followed by the mud crawl, under the suspended twine.

there was a tube you crawl up, using a rope

a 1/4 pipe style wall with bars on it…. ru nup the wall grab the first bar, monkey to the next bar, get up and over the wall…

there was an ice/water container obstacle. 1st climb the 8 foot wall and jump into the container filled with ice water, swim under the separation board, and climb out…

thats the beginning of the devils playground (a grouping of 1/4-1/2 mile of obstacles)  going over 5    8 foot walls (not in a row) go over vertical logs perched at least 5 feet off the ground….. there was 3 of those, followed by a warped style wall. run up, and grab, and pull up…. followed by a water slide swim to the bank, and head to the finish line….

Rating: 5 Stars (Excellent)

What would make this race better?:

My biggest complaint about this race, is the lack of an email from them to tell me where to park…..

( i checked every email from when i signed up, till today… spam also nothing there)

2nd thing i would change is the anti climactic ending…. just a banner….

no one to greet you, cheer you on…. and 100 feet away under a tent people giving out schwag bags…

One response to “ABF Mud Run 2013 Review

  1. Every email that was sent out gave a link to directions for parking. This race was so much better in 2011. They really “dumbed” down the course to try to get the local middle aged medford crowd involved. 2011 was very challenging. There were many more water events, there was no 5k option, there was no tough mudder ripoff artic enema. There was so lady screaming about a “death waiver” just to try to make their race sound intimidating. I also had to shake my head at labeling every wall as an obstacle just so they can say they have over 25 obstacles. It sucks that Chad and crew “soldout.” I talked up this event to my friends that have multiple tough mudders under their belts as a very challenging event, and we left feeling ripped off. This course is made for the middle aged medford moms who “want to try one of those mud run things” Looks like tough mudders for me and my crew from here on out.

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