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Corn Fed Spartans

Corn Fed SpartansCorn Fed SpartansCorn Fed Spartans


The Official Fan Page

The Official Fan Page

 The Corn Fed Spartans is a group of like-minded individuals whose primary goal is to get people off the couch and into consistently living a healthy lifestyle through fun and challenging activities. CFS strive to lead by example and provide unwavering support and motivation to encourage both our members and the community at large to become a better version of themselves, be that in life or on the race course. 

The Official Fan Page

The Official Fan Page

The Official Fan Page

Corn Fed Spartans news and events.

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The Official Fan Page

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STRANGER MILES 2020 Challenge


Corn Fed Spartans wants you to get moving the whole year!

Every two months during 2020, a new challenge begins to get to 100 Miles or more.

The first 100 Mile Challenge begins January 1st and runs through February 29th. Run, walk, crawl, hop, skip, jump, swim your way to to 100 or more.

Each challenge features a different finishers magnet that will fit together into one MEGA magnet!

Discounted Total Package: $30.00 for all 6 challenges. 7 magnets total.

- or pay as you go -

Center Magnet and CHAPTER ONE: $11.00

Center Magnet and CHAPTER TWO: $11.00

Center Magnet Only: $6.00

Additional Chapter Magnet: $5 each

Once you’ve accepted the challenge you’ll be invited to the facebook event page. There will be instructions there to help you track your miles.


Oscar Mike & Corn Fed Spartans R.E.D. Friday Apparel

 RED Friday (Remember Everyone Deployed) is an Oscar Mike campaign to show solidarity and support for our troops. Red symbolizes the blood spilled by the brave men and women of the United States Military and is a reminder of their sacrifice. Red Fridays is not intended as a political statement, just a nice way for Americans to show they support the brave men and women that serve our country. 


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