Bio: Jason Reed

Name: Jason Reed
City/State/Country: Seymour, Indiana
Occupation: US. Army
Height: 5 Ft 8
Weight: 165
Birthplace: La Porte Indiana
Date of Birth: 02/24/1978
Years Running: 10 plus
Years Running OCRs: 1 year
PRs: 16min 20 sec 5K
Shoes I run in: Under Armour
Favorite Running Surface: trails
Some Races I have completed: Tough Mudder Indiana (2) Tough Mudder Kentucky, Spartan Sprint Atlanta, Spartan Sprint Indiana, Spartan Sprint Colorado, Mudstash (2) Knights run, Planet Adventure half Marathon, Mudathalon, Warrior dash, Rebel Maniac, Mud Ninja, Lousiville half marathon, and over 20 5k road races.
Achievement I am most proud of: Placed 4th in state cross country finals. Held record at New Prairie High School for fastest mile 4:45
Typical training week: Mon weights upper body then insanity. Tuesday 2 to 3 mile run with weight vest then insanity. Wednesday weights upper body followed by insanity. Thursday Fartleks speed workout then Insanity, Friday Upper body Weights high reps then insanity. Saturday long slow run. Sunday recovery.
Injury history: NO SO FAR
Favorite OCR foods:
Favorite OCR beverages:
Things I like most about OCRs: The competition and teamwork
Things I hate most about OCRs: The cost of the races
What got me started doing OCRs: I ran my first tough mudder last year and found out how out of shape I was. After that I told myself I would never let myself get out of shape again.
Why I do Obstacle Course Races: Adrenaline rush, challenge, and to push myself to the limit.
Short-term Goals: Gradually get better at OCR.
Long-term Goals: BEAT HOBIE CALL!!!!!!!!!!
Fantasy Goal: Probably same as above.
Favorite Quotes: Pain is the weakness leaving your body.